17-20 CRF450R - CR500 Motor Swap Kit (Weld in)

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Weld in kit for your 17-20 CRF450R, to convert your frame to accept a 89-2001 Honda CR500 Engine.   
The 17-20 CRF450R frame requires some welding modifications to make this engine work properly and make clearance for your exhaust in the center of the frame.    *** We recommend you have a professional Tig welder do the fabrication and welding. 


- Weld on Billet Y Frame section (raw aluminum finish) 
-Bolt on Billet front motor mounts 
-Weld on lower mounts
-Bolt on Fabricated head stay (bare finish) 
-Billet swingarm pivot spacers 

Also included is our Ignition Coil Mount that will locate it correctly on the chassis. 


You can also choose to purchase our Fuel pump flange ***   or make your own. 

You can also choose to include Engine Mounting hardware for all motor mounts + head stay *** or use your own. 

You can also choose to include Pre - welded Radiators that are Designed to work with CR500 Hoses (not included) and power plant.    
 This will include mounting hardware / brackets etc.   We do not run the 17-20 style radiators - we actually use the newer 21+ Honda CRF450R radiators and adapt them to this frame.   They fit great - and clear the pipe nicely...  
How ever you can choose to modify your own, or figure all of that out on your own to cut cost down. 

** If you want to run the older style 85+ (short rod engine) - we recommend running a cylinder spacer and updated long rod crank to get your head stay in the correct location. (Same as newer Cr500)   OR if not, you can modify our head stay to work with the short rod... but we will not be making custom ones at this time for the older power plants. 
Please allow 4-6 weeks for production time 

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